Group Therapy #040 with Beckwith




1. Mat Zo feat. Chuck D "Pyramid Scheme" (Anjunabeats / Astralwerks)
2. Toby Hedges "Images" (Silk Royal)
3. Ellie Goulding "Burn" [Mat Zo Remix] (Polydor)

Record of the Week

4. Super8 & Tab "The Way You Want" (Anjunabeats)

5. Gabriel & Dresden feat. Neil Ormandy "Tomorrow Comes" (Organised Nature)
6. Fon.Leman "Subortus" (Intricate)
7. Jaytech feat. Nathan Grainger "Labour of Love" [Club Mix] (Anjunabeats)
8. Lange pres. LNG "Harmony Will Kick You In The Ass" [Chris Schweizer Remix] (Magik Muzik)
9. Edu & Kristoffer Ljungberg "Around The Sun" (Macarize)
10. Kyau & Albert "The One" (Euphonic)
11. Proglifter "Dubai" [Boxer & Forbes Remix] (PHW)
12. Store N Forward "Schnitzel" (Enhanced)

Push The Button

13. Andrew Bayer "Need Your Love" [Club Mix] (Anjunabeats)

14. Blend "Taking Flight" (Intricate)
15. Rone "Bye Bye Macadam" [Gabriel & Dresden Bootleg] (CDR)
16. Tom Middleton "WYV AUW CHU" (Anjunadeep 05)
17. Jeremy Olander vs. Kent "Petroleum" (Pryda Friends)


18. Parker & Hanson "Arabesque" (Anjunabeats)

Beckwith Guest Mix

1. Beckwith feat. Catherine Porter "Back to Love" [Downtempo Love Re-Rub] (Anjunadeep)
2. Beckwith feat. Catherine Porter "Back to Love" [Original Mix] (Anjunadeep)
3. The Peacemaker Project "Ich lass' Dich Nicht Zurück" [Beckwith Remix] (Anjunadeep)
4. Rashid Ajami "Coming for You" [Jody Wisternoff Remix] (Anjunadeep)
5. Jungle Brothers "I'll House You" [Beckwith Acca Edit] (White Label)
6. Late Night Alumni "Sapphire" [Beckwith Remix] (Ultra)
7. Moulinex "Deja Vu" [Beckwith Remix] (Nurvous)
8. Beckwith "Townsend Sling" [Original Mix] (Anjunadeep)
9. Stardust "Music Sounds Better With You" [12" Club Mix] (Roule)